Just in Time!

Made possible by a generous grant from the McConnell Foundation, the Avery Theatre received a warm gift this winter in the form of a new heating system. Local contractors, Downey Heating and Cooling and Whipple Electric were contracted to do the work and the theatre was toasty warm during this past very cold winter.

Drive by and check out the expert exterior paint job done by Etna painter Tom McGonigal.  Note the way the columns “pop” out.  The Avery is dressed and ready for summer!

Need for additional Improvements

Volunteers have done an amazing amount of work to the theatre, and many projects have been completed; but additional system upgrades are still needed. Currently, there is no backstage intercom and only a rudimentary public address sound system in the theatre. The projector room has been partially converted to a sound and light booth, but additional electrical and construction work needs to be conducted to complete this conversion. The outside of the theatre is in the process of being painted (please see artist concept photo below), Most importantly, the heating and cooling systems modernized with new energy effecient systems.

It is anticipated that these projects will greatly enhance the theatres desirability as a performance center for local groups, as well as provide a suitable stage for professional entertainers who currently are unable to utilize this facility. The completion of these projects will complete the conversion of the old movie theatre into the only multi-purpose public auditorium in Scott Valley.

Wow! A new and much improved restoration of the exterior of the Avery. This project design was submitted by Janice Gaynor and approved by the Etna City Council.  Work began last fall with the base coat of paint completed prior to winter. New door and window mouldings, decorative columns and general wood craft is being done by Gerald Naylor and will be installed this spring. Etna High School wood shop is making the “Avery Theatre” sign as part of their spring project – thank you Etna High School students and Mark Peaty. We anticipate that this work will be completed this spring – early summer.