History & Purpose

The Scott Valley Theatre Company (SVTC) was formed in 1980, and incorporated as a 501(c)(3) in April of 1996. The SVTC currently has a five-year lease from the City of Etna to operate the Avery Memorial Theatre. This former movie theatre is used by local school, drama, and music groups as well as by outside choirs, bands, speakers and educational groups. The general purpose of the SVTC is:

(1)   To further cultural expression in our community by encouraging all members of the community to actively participate in the many aspects of theatre arts including theatrical productions, art shows, literary events, performing arts, educational programs and workshops.

(2)   To sponsor special events involving the public performance of the art forms described above by local theatre arts groups, as well as productions performed by the SVTC performing art troupe.

(3)   To directly engage in, and to provide facilities for, others to engage in the promotion of the arts.

(4)   To preserve, maintain, and enhance the Avery Memorial Theatre as a multi-purpose auditorium.

In order to meet these goals in the formative years, the SVTC raised funds through craft fairs, flea markets and dessert auctions. Once financially established, the organization then began to hold several performances per year. These plays included melodramas, comedies, musicals, mysteries, dramas, as well as annual variety and talent shows. Proceeds from these events eventually gave the organization the financial where-withal to lease the Avery Memorial Theatre from the City of Etna in 1996.

Constructed in 1957, the Avery Memorial Theatre was purchased by the City of Etna in 1985. This 330-seat facility needed substantial renovation and modification in order to be used as a multi-purpose public auditorium.  Faced with such a daunting task, the SVTC solicited, and received donations of both labor and money from local businesses and community members. Work to date includes: construction of a 32’ x 22’ stage, re-upholstery of all seats (individual donors names affixed to each seat), conversion of a back-stage  storage area to a dressing room, conversion of an upstairs storage room to a prop and costume room, conversion of the old projector room into a sound and light control booth, partial upgrade of the buildings electrical system, installation of a motorized stage curtain with matching valances, purchase of a basic sound system, and the installation of a basic stage lighting system. The estimated value of volunteer work done to date is approximately $60,000.00