Board Members

Rick Anderson

Rick Anderson, President

Rick moved to Scott Valley in 2005. Prior to that he had been a resident of Burbank California for 27 years.
Since becoming a board member in 2007, Rick has acted in as well as directed several productions at the Avery including performing in many of the theatre’s musical events.
In Rick’s own words “being a board member/owner has given me the privilege to take part in restoring and polishing this precious gem called The Avery Theatre. The city of Etna is so very blessed to have such a valuable artistic asset in its own backyard. VIVA LA AVERY!!!!”

Sophia Spontylides

Sophia Spontylides, Vice-President/Secretary

Sophia has been a member of the theatre board since 2002 and has acted in several plays and directed.

By being a member of the theatre company and the board, Sophia feels she can share her love of the performing arts with the communities of Scott Valley. The Theatre Board has brought to the stage various performers from musicians to dancers, poets to actors, among the ranks were professional as well as local. People living in a small, rural area such as the communities of Scott Valley seldom have access to quality live entertainment. The Avery Memorial Theatre allows such access.

Besides the theatre, Sophia enjoys reading, photography, her friends, pets and hiking in the beautiful mountains that surround her home.

Greg Lindholm, Sound Technician

Me 52009 Greg Lindholm

Greg, an Etna High School Alumnus, is retired from a career as an Environmental Health Specialist with the California State Department of Health Services.

While a teenager at Etna, Greg was a garage-band musician and acted in the High School Plays directed by Merwin Rickey, who was English teacher and Drama coach at the time.

In college, he majored in Music, then Drama, then Biology . He produced concerts, played in bands in Hollywood, and acted in Stage Productions in the Bay area.

Opting for a career in public service, Greg moved back to Scott Valley in the ’70’s. “When I grew up, I settled in Greenview, where I’ve lived for 35 years with Betty and our family.”

Immediately after retiring, Greg earned Certificates of Completion in Recording Arts and Commercial Music Production from Diablo Valley College and then joined the Scott Valley Theatre Company. Greg has helped produce many of the local artists’ productions and service organization events as well as provided sound reinforcement expertise. Being a board member has allowed him to continue in the performing arts and help share the Avery with the community.

As he says, “I get nostalgic every time I walk in the place. I hope everybody I know feels the same love.”